Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 10

Today was a vehicle assisted collection on Apple Canyon road and Fobes trail. We split into two teams with Jerome, me, Shannon, Tony, and Rusty went into a meadow area and collected a few plants. It was uber hot but was still a lot of fun. We were going pretty easy just to be sure that everyone was up to par health wise. After we were done collecting, we came back to James Reserve and pressed all of our plants. As we were pressing, Anthony suddenly stands up and calmly says "Snake" which we all didn't comprehend until we saw a four foot rattle snake, which we later learned from our snake catching hero, Taylor, to be a Central Pacific Rattlesnake, slithering out from underneath a picnic table. Monica and Shannon disappeared right into thin air while Jerome, Tony, and I went inside to get Rusty. It was pretty cool and very exciting for everyone especially if you had never seen a rattlesnake before. Taylor caught it and put it in a trash can so he could relocate it on Black Mountain. Then a bunch of us went to Lake Fulmor and went swimming. Shannon and Skadoosh jumped off a giant rock which looked like a blast. I'm pretty sure Icka and I will be jumping off of it fairly soon. Unfortunately, Jerome was all talk and couldn't muster his manly strength enough to jump off the rock as previously boasted about. That's okay though, we still love him. Shannon actually broke one of her huge blisters jumping in the lake which was disgusting. Then we all, except Skadoosh, swam across the lake to the other side where we waited for Julie to come pick us up. Then we came back to the Reserve, got all of the Lake Fulmor dead body scum off of us and ate fried chicken, corn on the cob, and baked spuds.

All in all, today was really exciting considering the near death rattlesnake experience, swimming, and most of all the awesome plant collecting day we had.

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