Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 15

Bags are packed. Cars are filled with bags and kids. Off to the airport we go. Wake up was 4:30 but pretty much everyone was still awake so it was basically gathering luggage and heading out of the door. I was with Rusty, Skadoosh, Jerome, and Icka. The back seat was pretty silent due to the fact that everyone crashed. Rusty and I rode in companionable silence until we didn't see Julie behind us anymore. We pulled over and Jerome got a phone call from Tony saying that Arky got a little car sick and that they would catch up with us in a few minutes. They caught up with us and the caravan headed out onto the open road again. We drove a good half an hour to Ontario where Shannon and I were dropped off at Terminal 2 while everyone else headed to Terminal 4. Before they left I received multiple hugs and good-byes from a group of kids and adults who I will never forget. No one was crying yet. Shannon and I got my luggage checked in and I said my last teary good-bye to one of my new best friends EVER! Eventually I got back to good ol' Helena, Montana, where it was raining and cold-pretty different from the hot and dry climate I had just left hours before. I will always treasure the experiences and life lessons that I hvae gathered from this expedition ranging from new friendships to awesome data collection. I will miss all of our group and I have never had as much fun as I did with you guys. Thanks for making this the best summer of my LIFE Rusty, Julie, Shannon, Jerome, Tony, Skadoosh, Arky, Monica and Earthwatch!!!

Hey there to Montana, Mr. Schulz, and my friends and family. Thanks for your support in my educational pursuits.

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