Friday, August 7, 2009


Day 5 was amazing! We woke up, ate breakfast, got our gear ready, stocked up on water, and headed out to meet Dani who works with the U.S. Forest Service. We wen to Alvin Meadows where we collected 29 plant and moss species. Among some of the plants we collected were thistles, and those would have so bad without Dani's gloves. We actually told Rusty that we decided to classify these things as trees and that we should not be aloud to press them. He just laughed and insisted that we continue. We found a shrub that I saw that looked just like a strawberry, and we soon realized that this is not gentle at all. It hurts! Especially if you have to collect and bag the plants for pressing like myself. After pressing all of the plants, and eating lunch, we went back to the reserve and got ready for the long night ahead of us. Rusty told us that there was a concert in Idyllwild and of course every single one of us were stoked! All the girls got dressed up and Rob and I just put on shorts and a t-shirt. But when we got there, we realized we should have dressed in jeans, it was freezing! But the dancing part of the night was the best by far. I have never country danced in my life, but I can be sure it's something I will do again. Julie was a master of country dances, she showed me how to dance that night. Even though everyone else did not share the same enthusiasm that I did, they all enjoyed themselves quite a bit. I can say with confidence that I have never dance with so many people in my life. :) Goodbye for now!

- Anthony

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