Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 11

Today technically started last night when we packed for the overnighter. I had never packed so much stuff in such a tiny day pack before in my life. (Except sometmes during school my school backpack can be full of books on occassion.) Here's a little sneak peak at some of the things that we earthwatchians may have had packed into our bags: food for 2 and half days, sweatshirt, change of shoes, sleeping bag, pillow, pajamas, LOTS of water, and there's so much more my mind cannot recall! So off we went to Palm Springs to ride on the tram. The tram would have probably been mind bottling, except for my spacial complex. It was a little tight and in close quarters but what do you except when you are traveling up to 8500 feet in elevation!?! Defiantly not a master suite, yet the views were absolutely breath taking and being able to see everyone grinning from ear to ear from excitement just made my day. Now off we began to hike when the tram had landed and shortly before reaching our destination of the day, the Admin. camp our gang of earthwatchians had to deal with another minor health set-back. Skadoosh being the crazy gal pal of ours, didn't see the log that had fallen across the path and as her right ankle caught and twisted, we all watched with flashbacks of H.C. being medically evacuated from the mountain and began to panic slightly. Luckily she was fine after walking it off and using an ice pack for about 20 minutes. Yet for the better of the group and to ensure everyone would be healthy for the remainder of the trip we decided to cancel the overnighter on Tahquitz Peak and just make an overnighter at the reserve where we could still watch the meteor shower and have a blast! Once down from the mountain, a quick stop in Idyllwild for pizza, and back at the reserve the sun was setting and we were setting up the bonfire!! Toasted 8 smore pile-ups (Skadoosh is a marshmallow champ), entire bars of chocolate eaten (What can I say? I love it!)beautiful Californian stars, and wonderful company is something that I will treasure forever. The earthwatchians took a small jaunt to the solar panels on the reserve holding sleeping bags, pillows, flashlights, and anxious giggles for the meteor shower. There we slept folks, all huddled together for warmth and comfort. I saw 16 shooting stars and together we all made a wish at 11:11. (My 11:11 wish was for blueberry pancakes sometime before we left and guess what? WE GOT 'EM!) I have never slept on the ground before, especially not with crazy people whom I have begun to love and adore for all their kooky characteristics. Let's just say I slept rather great.

Hello To Iowa

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