Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Students

Because SCAP students have always proven exceptionally able, I look forward to meeting them and figuring out exactly how they are going to fit into the project … and how they will interact together. On paper, there would appear to be many reasons that this year’s group would have difficulty in finding common ground. They are from all over the country and arrived from highly diverse backgrounds and academic experiences. But they want to be here … and they’re teenagers … and in an incredibly short time period they have impressed me with their skill, work ethic and togetherness. So here they are. - Papa Bear

Hannah aka Skadoosh (Virginia): High energy, creative, funny, irreverent … and that was just the first five minutes I knew her. She is an enigma (like a Care Bear tattoo), but she is very good at translating her energy into production and has learned every aspect of the project.

Anthony aka Tony the Tiger (New Jersey): Self-professed “super shy guy”, Anthony broke out his dancing shoes at the zydeco concert on Thursday. He has become quite the lichen hunter during our field hikes. He turned a laptop, a hunk of tin foil and a ball of twine into Friday Night at the Movies. And he waits for Julie to catch up on long hikes.

Monica aka Icka (Iowa): Monica is the most expressive manipulator of the English language I have ever met. And she laughs heartily at every joke I tell … even when it’s not funny … and even when it’s not a joke. I’m not gonna lie, she keeps everyone in a good mood and has become my best “process” photographer.

Robert aka St. Jerome (Missouri): John is the All-American boy, an Eagle Scout but with a better sense of humor. Ron has become a workhorse, volunteering to carry the big framepack even when he’s not responsible for the press. When Mark wants to relax it usually involves a comfortable cot and his I-Pod. And he answers to almost any male name in the book.

Katie aka Katie (Montana): Katie processes data the way enzymes digest human waste. OK, that’s not exactly the analogy I was looking for. But she has taken on the important Recorder position, assembling all collection data, pictures and geo-coordinates. She loves keeping things organized … and now that includes me.

Hannah aka Arky or H.C. (Arkansas): Hannah loves the camera and the camera loves her. But I’ve put her in charge of the video for this project. So if we can avoid it becoming an outdoors version of “The Office”, it’ll probably be the best project video yet. Arky’s from my mother’s home state so I gave her the nickname.


  1. Sounds like a great bunch doing some great work and love the blogging to be able to witness some of the adventure. The Hearth..."sweet" hearth photo~ umm with all that foot wear, I am doubting the "sweet" part.

    Good luck in the field.

    Suz the librarian

  2. Thanks, Suz, but after a week of field work we don't notice little things like stench. Don't worry, I'll bring back something for you :-)