Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 12

Zzzzz...Today we woke up under the bright glare of the sun by the solar panels. Today was fairly easy because it was a data entry day. Icka, Tony, and Shannon worked on organizing Becca's (the director of James Reserve) herbarium collection stored in the meeting room of the reserve. While those three worked on that, I made folders for each of our specimen and got our collection organized. Jerome worked on entering a previous researcher's, Tom Jones, findings from the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto area.

While we were inside working on the data day, H.C., Skadoosh, and Julie headed to Idyllwild to do some shopping for food and necessities. When they came back they had a giant pinata for our BBQ party on Saturday.

We also went on a day hike around Lake Fulmor with Dani, an amazing hiker and guide, who pointed out all sorts of interesting wildlife that lived in and around the lake. My favorite was the tarantula killin' wasp. We had a blast with Dani and it was very relaxing before we had to glue ourselves to a computer inside.

We later went to a Blues concert and danced for about two hours, I, of course, tentatively danced and laughed at everyone's AWESOME dance skills. It was amazing.

We came home and went to bed because we were so exhausted.


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