Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 7

WOW! The sights today were flippin' awesome :)) We set off today with a longer and possibly more strenuous hike planned. So myself being from a flat landscape land I was rubbing my calves and feet in preparation for possible pain later that evening. But being the lucky duck that I am, we began our hike to Fuller Ridge at our decent pace and the sun through the trees and being surrounded by great people got me pepped up and craving more plant pressing. So no pain. haha I was the official "process" photographer of the day and I rather adore this position in the group. I get to catch the awkward moments on camera. Could it be better? NOPE! I took pictures of lichen and moss collected by Anthony, as well as those gorgeous lupines collected by Skadoosh. The hike was much more than the plants collected, yet the plants collected were of new orientation and at different altitudes than most of which we have already recorded and pressed. The ridge where we were hiking today was much narrower than those that we have been on before and a little bit more rough. Many rocks and more steep. But it was still an exhilerating experience. So off we travel one by one with our packs strapped on and humming up the mountain like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The only downfall of the day was when HC (Hannah) accidentally taped over all her footage of the day. There were some rather hilarious clips on that. But with this group there never is a boring day. We work hard, play hard, and adore every minute of it. Well unfortunatly I must cut this blog short for the day because the last time I blogged I got a little wordy. haha it's just so hard to keep back all the great experiences I have had here. So before I bid adew for the evening, one last thing.


-Monica (Ick)
hello mom,dad,and family from cali.
hello mark from cali.

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