Friday, August 7, 2009


Hmmmm..... Let me think about it. Today was awesome!!! Every single person was mentally prepared for the longest hike of their lives, and then Rusty said oh lets just stop here and collect a few specimens. I dont know about everyone else but I was saying THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! I am still worn out from the first hike we did. My job today was camerawoman. Yeah, I know what your thinking, Hannah Culwell has the coolest job of them all. BINGO! WE HAVE A WINNER! I basically get to catch what all of the photographs and recordings can not. The visual contemptment of the research and data that everyone is collecting. We collected different specimens such as the Indian paintbrush, Eriogonum, and lupine. After we collected them we went to different elevations and often found the same specimens. With such a lack of water it makes you wonder why these species thrive at such high elevations. After gathering up all of the equipment(I call it gear it sounds cooler) we parked the cars and set off for a mile hike up the mountain. When they told me that we were going to the Black Mountain Lookout Tower that made the mile go by so much faster. On the way up I fell in love with the view. The peace that the mountains give to you is often breathtaking. We arrived at the lookout tower and met its keeper Mr. Joe Jackson. He had been stationed at this particular lookout tower since 2003. Underneath the tower there were chipmunks running around eating whatever they could get there hands on. I started feeding them peanuts, and Skadoosh even attempted it out of her hands. We said our goodbyes to Mr. Jackson and and the beautiful view. Heading back down the mountain was an interesting experience, and thats something I will say is Earthwatch talk. After arriving back at the reserve, we all got ready to go into Idyllwild for dinner and as Monica says, " My food baby is not liking me right now." A few of us headed back to the Reserve and here I am now typing this blog to you guys. Robert and I who I call " John" ( He just looks like a John to me) are watching an episode of The Office. I am looking forward to the days ahead because you never know what Skadoosh will do next. We are keeping it cool here in Cali. Peace :)

- Hannah (Arky/H.C.)


  1. Jealous!!! What a wonderful experience for these great kids. And I am talking about the great outdoors, not Walmart. LOL
    Not only do they get to see the day to day beauty of the mountains, plants, animals, sunsets, sunrises, and the stars at night but they will bring home an understanding of how much we effect our environment. Kudos to Earthwatch and the Rustys in this world.
    The Blogs are great reading, informative and funny! Keep them coming.
    Love from Iowa
    Mom and Dad (Monica's parents)
    By the way... Monica won't recognize her bedroom when she gets home... we cleaned it.. just kidding... Not!

  2. You guys should be jealous. I know that you'd much rather be out here than in your cubicles all day, but reading the blog and not doing work is not going to be accepted either! And we all know that Walmart can be just as dangerous as the outdoors... just kidding :) It is an absolute kudos to Earthwatch. This experience is fabulous and I owe very much to the SCAP program. I miss you guys (mom and dad!) and I have very much to share with you when I get back. CLEANED MY ROOM?! Can you see the floor now??