Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 13

Rusty told us the previous day that we would get pancakes and an amazing breakfast at the Red Kettle and we did! For two weeks I have eaten Apple Jacks so it was quite a change! We went on a vehicle assisted ride up the Santa Rosa Mountains. It was beyond beautiful! Everyone was in awe over how fast the scenery changed from the desert floor to the lush green at the top of the mountain. Guess what? We got a flat tire once again!!!! Yeah, talk about bad luck. Haha. It's not so bad though everyone is so close to one another now we just make best of the situation and move on. We eventually end up laughing about it later. I have to admit that Shannon and I were pretty much cool in our tye-dye shirts that day.

Back to the flat tire though. Jerome is the "eagle scout" so he apparently knows how to change a flat tire. Then Shannon got underneath the thing and when Papa Bear got there the job was finally done. We all got into the Tahoe so we would not weigh down the red fire truck. We then went to a campsite and met this very nice couple, collected a few plants, and ate our fine tuned lunches. Mine consisted of salt and vinegar chips and a turkey sandwich. After that we headed down the mountain to get the tire changed. We were with Dani so we went to the Santa Rosa visitors center and got a tour of the place. Monica and Skadoosh put on a beautiful puppet show that lifted all of our spirits. We got into the cars and headed back to Idyllwild to pick up dinner for the night. After a long day we ate at the Reserve with our new addition Charles, Romeo, and Smokey ( the stuffed animals of the day). We all took showers and then realized that we only have one more day with eachother. It all flew by so fast, but the relationships we gained will last a lifetime. :)

-Hannah ( Arky)

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